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Do we work with interior designers?

Yes, we have a couple of designers that we enjoy working with and refer to our customers. We are also happy to work with your designer.

Do we need an architect?

Yes. It depends on the scope of the project and the requirement of the building department if we are pulling a permit. If it’s something simple we can try and draw up the drawings in house. We also have several architects that we have worked with and are happy to refer you to the appropriate architect based on your project. We’re also happy to work with your architect.

How do you protect non-work areas in my home and my property?

We typically use “Ram Board” to protect the flooring in your house to prevent us from damaging the existing flooring. Ram Board is a very heavy duty paper that’s designed for the construction industry to protect existing flooring.  We also use plastic tarps to cover furniture, close off closets & rooms to mitigate the dust and or paint from going where it should not be.

How do you clean up at the end of the day?

This will vary based on the scope of the job and whether the property is occupied or vacant. Our crew and subs spend time at the end of the day to clean up the work area/s, put tools away, remove materials that are no longer needed, sweep or vacuum and dispose of trash.

What are payments and draw schedules like?

This varies based on the overall cost, time and scope of work for your project. Small projects are typically require a 50% deposit and the balance upon completion. Larger projects may have multiple payments and a draw schedule. When a draw schedule is required we sit down and develop a schedule that allows both of us to be comfortable that the project is moving to completion as the draws are being released.