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Hire a team with extensive experience and passion for customer satisfaction.

Kitchen Remodeling

Our team has remodeled hundreds of kitchens In the South Florida. Whether it’s as simple as a new countertop or taking out an entire wall to create an open concept. We have the experience to guide you through the design process to build a kitchen that exceeds your expectations and maintains your budget.

Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom remodel can really change the feel and value of a home. From tile selection to fixtures, we can help you build a bathroom designed to allow you to not only clean up but as a retreat from the stresses of the day.

Property Additions

We can work with your architect or recommend one to design & build a solution to satisfy your need for more space. From a simple covered patio to a new master suite. We can build you the addition that will pass inspection and the test of time.


Customer Satisfaction

Our customers have excellent ideas and our job is to make those visions become reality. We are always available for your call and take price in project managing each renovation to ensure we are on-time and in-budget.


Quality Home Repairs

Our repairs use quality materials and modern processes that will stand the test of time. Repairs are a key part of maintaining a home. We pride ourselves in helping homeowners understand their options and work creatively within their budget.


Creative Ideas & Options

We often get pictures from customers of their ideal kitchen. We will work on sourcing the right materials to match that design and budget. Oftentimes our team will suggest some outside the box ideas that can take the renovation to the next level.

Trusted by Interior Designers

Wide-Range of Project Types We are a full service renovation company that is trusted by the professionals in interior design. We cover a variety of areas such as kitchen, bath and even home additions.

All Size Projects. Our skills and experience cover residential and commercial projects. We have completed full renovations but also take on smaller scale projects such as repairs and maintenance tasks. We help with the planning of the design all the way through the completion and clean up of the project.



Experienced + Organization Our team is very organized with over 29 years of experience in property management and construction.  We are a full-service remodeling and construction services company that is ready to serve you.  We really pride ourselves in communicating with our customers and addressing issues if they arise.

Quick & Accurate Estimates When we are quoting out a job, we will work with you on getting all the details together in order to properly quote you on the expected spend of the whole project.


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We’ve Been Building For Over 29 years.

Client Testimonials

“Scott, you project managed every step of the renovation and kept the cost close to budget. You repaired small things at no cost to me as a courtesy. You were available to talk to me whenever I needed to ask you a question. You followed up with me continuously during the process”


“I was delighted when I discovered that Entrust could handle large and small construction and renovation projects. I can share my ideas with someone who will know how to ask the right people for each phase of construction and will oversee every stage of the project until the customer is satisfied.” 


“I was beyond pleased. They were quick to respond, provided a fair estimate and superb work. I did not feel pressured or intimidated to utilize their services. I would not hesitate to use them again and I recommended them to numerous friends and family.”


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